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Sunday, July 15, 2012

New kid in town.

 New kid in town.

After non-stop action over the last several weeks, we've just been lying low and taking it easy. I finally finished editing the photos from camp, so I just have to write the story that goes with them. I was going to post about it this weekend, but I ended spending a good bit a time yesterday working on another project (which I'll hopefully get to share here, if it pays off) that drank up much of my creative juices.

Now to the frog. His appearance was definitely the highlight of the weekend.

Come over and hang at my pad.

About a month ago, at Lauren's request, Mark purchased two tadpoles for our pond. We hadn't seen hide nor hair of them until today, when the most adorable little frog (about the size of a silver dollar) decided to make himself known. Hopefully his/her brother/sister overcomes its shyness too.

I think I'm going to need a bigger zoom lens.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Reflecting pool.

I can't believe that it's almost been a week since Lauren and I went to camp. We had a fantastic time and have been spending the last few days recuperating from our adventures. I'm still going through the photos from camp and hope to have those posted soon, but in the meantime, I still need to wrap up this year's vacation photos.

So this year's stop in the Brandywine Valley was Winterthur. Along with Longwood Gardens, Winterthur is yet another du Pont Family estate opened to the public. The mansion turned museum boasts 175 rooms, and the surrounding grounds were carefully planned and cultivated by Henry Francis DuPont. You can read more about it here.

Winterthur mansion and museum.

See how tiny Lauren looks next to it? I had to hike up a hill to get this shot, and I still could only fit a small part of the house into the frame! The window with the balcony was the du Pont's master bedroom.


One of Lauren's favorite spots was the Enchanted Gardens, a place just for kids to enjoy. It had many stepping stones that you could follow...


 Stepping stones.

Words of wisdom in the Enchanted Woods.

...and words of wisdom...

Toadstools making a fairy ring.

...and a fairy ring...

 Witch's house.

...and a witch's cottage...

 Giant bird's nest.

...and a giant bird's nest!

 Man versus tree.

Surrounding the Enchanted forest were some extremely old trees, which Mark really enjoyed. Now he knows how I feel when I stand next to him.

Big tree, little tree.

Mark and Lauren standing under the old sycamore tree.

Here's Mark and Lauren standing next to a particularly special Delaware sycamore tree.


Nearby to the Enchanted Woods was this huge sundial.

Petting the fish at the grotto.

But Lauren's absolute favorite spot was the grotto. It had a two tier pond filled with huge koi that would swim up and allow you to pet them on the head.

Here fishy!

See what I mean? I'd like to teach our fish how to do that!

And that finally concludes our 2012 vacation! I can't wait to share our camp experience, which includes evidence of me riding a horse. How's that for a hook?