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Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 7

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 7

Naturally, this week had to have a Valentine's Day theme, but why the skunks? Well, I was inspired by a cute poem that Lauren wrote for a school assignment about skunks. It's written in the journal, but I'll share it here in case you can't read it:

Skunks are mammals,
Also animals.
Skunks eat bugs,
Just like grubs.
Skunks do no want to make you stink,
They just want to make you think,
"Stay away or I will spray!"

Sheer brilliance.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014: Week 8 - Cross Process

Happy in my Archie Bunker chair.

Finally Marcus gets his turn. We call this his "Archie Bunker chair."

I hate to post and run, but between work and Girl Scouts, this has been a very stressful, busy week. I'm also behind on my sketchbook journal, but I hope to catch up this week when things should be much calmer.

Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 6

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 6

I was originally going to do an Olympic theme this week, but since February 9th was the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, I thought it would be fun to commemorate that even instead. I've loved The Beatles since I was eight years old. Paul is my favorite, so I decided to draw his violin bass guitar in his honor.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014: Week 7 - Love

If I only had a heart.

A couple of weeks ago, Getty sent out a call for love themed photos, so I spent last Saturday cranking out as many as I could. Of course, all the photography groups that I participate in had love / Valentine's Day topics this week, so I had to come up with yet another one. Now I'm all out of love (Nods to Air Supply).

I have last week's sketch journal pages done, but I'm too lazy right now to download the photo from my camera. We spent the morning out in the cold and snow unloading and sorting Girl Scout cookies, so that took up most of my motivation for the day. Tomorrow I'm off of work for President's Day, so I should have time to post it then, and maybe even finish this past week's too. Aside from the cookie delivery, significant events from the week included Lauren bringing home another straight A report card and my toaster photo was featured in Photography Week.
They had contacted me about it way back at the beginning of January, and I actually didn't even see it until the day after they posted.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014: Week 6 - Reflections

 Oh no, not another one!

Just a quick one - it was poor Cookie's turn to be tortured this week. This is another topic that I'm not crazy about, and one that I've had to do a couple of times before. For the record, I also don't like silhouettes or back lighting either. Hopefully those won't be a future topics - lol.

I'm still working on this week's sketch journal pages. Once they're complete, I'll try to get a photo if there's enough light after work this week.

Monday, February 3, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014: Week 5 - The Lost Week


As I mentioned before, this week's theme was actually candid / street photo, but I decided to skip it on the grounds that shooting strangers is just not my thing. In fact, I didn't even take this photo until today, which means it's also late - lol. I just didn't want to blow it completely, especially given that it's only the fifth week of this project! However, the whole point of this is to remind myself to pick up my camera and point it at something once a week. Since I did so much forced shooting last year, I'm now of the mindset that I'd much rather point it at something or someone that I want to photograph. Like Kitty Coconut.

Is anyone looking?

Today was an in service day for our school district (One of only three remaining days off for the rest of the year. The students lost President's Day and spring break due to teacher strike and weather related cancellations.), so I took a vacation day in order to hang out with Lauren. I asked her what she wanted to do today, and she chose just to stay home and watch movies. After a pretty gloomy weekend, we actually had a little bit of sun today, and given that the light was so ideal, I took the opportunity to get some shots in between movies.

 All mine.

 Hopefully I can stick with the themes for the rest of the year, but if I keep getting shots like this, maybe not so much.

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 5

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 5 

I managed to get caught up this week. The theme was a no brainer, just like Puxy Phil's prediction of six more weeks of winter. You think?

Anyway, I have to say that I'm really happy with the way my groundhog came out. I'm getting the hang of using my supplies and overall very much enjoying the whole process!

 A coy koi.

On a sad note, the second "polar vortex" of the year claimed our koi. :( It was a beautiful fish, and I'll miss the grace that it added to our pond.

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 4

2014 Sketch Journal - Week 4

Last week, I was feeling kind of "robotic," like I was just going through the motions as I was meeting my responsibilities for the week, so that's why I chose this theme. Nonetheless, I love robots and should draw them more often. I also managed to add piece of ephemera (the fortune) to my pages. I'll have to work to come up with more ways to incorporate paper bits.