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Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2015

The jack o'lanterns were carved with care in hopes that The Great Pumpkin soon would be there! Lauren carved the one on right of the cat sitting in a window, which she did all by herself. Mine is the mustache on the left, and Mark's is the evil one in the middle.

I was asked last weekend if I was ever going to update the blog again. I thought that it was an odd question since I did make at least one post last month, but I didn't realize that the post was made at the beginning of September, which means I haven't updated in almost two months. Yikes.

So I've dusted off the cobwebs and decided to give the blog some love. Since it hadn't been changed in over a year, it was about time for a new banner, and who better to star in it than Poppy and Blossom. Sadly, sister Pepsi died in a freak accident earlier this month where we think she got scared and somehow broke her neck by flying into the coop wall. Mark is already on the hunt for a new member to fill the void in the chicken family.

 Irons Mill 

Speaking of chickens, earlier this month we visited Irons Mill Farmstead.
What does this have to do with chickens (Besides the fact that chickens reside on a farm?)? Well, Mark discovered the farm earlier in this year because the owner was selling a log cabin playhouse that would eventually become our chicken coop. The farm is famous for the giant sports themed corn maze that they make every year.

Corn maze.

We gave it a good go, but we didn't make it through the whole maze. After awhile, corn as far as the eye can see gets a little boring.

Apple slingshot.

That's not to say that we were bored because there were lots of other fun things to do. Here's Lauren trying out the giant apple slingshot.

Pumpkin checkers.

And there were pumpkin checkers to play.

Buried in corn.

Continuing the corn theme, they had this giant sandbox, which I guess you would call a cornbox, where kids and adults could play and get corn stuck in their pants and down their shirts.

She's just about as tall as me.

Mark wanted to demonstrate that Lauren is almost as tall as me now. And I got a haircut too.


They have this really lovely barn on the property that you can rent for weddings. We'll have to keep that in mind in about fifteen years or so.

Lauren and Dad.

My little fam.

Father / daughter moment.

And we'll end with a bunch of cute pictures of Mark and Lauren at the top of the haystack pile. Now that the holiday months are here, I'm sure I'll have more blog material. In fact, I think I'll start off November tomorrow with some photos that I shot last week of the ever adorable Cookie.