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Friday, December 31, 2010

Make some noise.

Make some noise this new year.

Looks like we have come to the end to another year. Usually, I dread the coming of the new year and all the uncertainty that it brings with it, but this year, I'm actually looking for to it. After all, one of the things that I worry about actually almost happened this year, and yet, life still continued on course. And hey, for the first time in recent memory, Mark and I actually have plans for New Year's Eve. So we're getting off to the right start.

Personally, I feel like I accomplished a lot this year (I think that the meager 50 posts to the blog this year may just prove how busy I was), but I still have more that I want to do. This year, I will create more things. I will sew more and knit more and glue more things together. I will take A LOT more photos. I will read more books. I will cook more. I will go to more places and see more things. I be more involved in the lives of those around me.

Happy new year from Daisy Dog.

More to come tomorrow - hopefully. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have a crafty, drafty Christmas.

Foam ornaments.

That's the only word I could come up with that rhymed. Anyway, I wanted to close out the Christmas blogging with some photos of the crafts that Lauren and I made this year. I meant to post these on Christmas Eve, but unfortunately, I only had time to take the photos. Lauren made these oh-so cute foam ornaments from a kit that we purchased at the dollar store. She put her own touches on it like making the gingerbread boy into a gingerbread girl and adding a bunny as the train's engineer.

Glittered acorns.

The next three are all courtesy of Martha the Great. This year's December Living contained some real gems. These glittered acorns were terribly messy but still fun to make. As we were working, Lauren turned to me and said, "This was a really good idea, Mom." That makes it all worth while, doesn't it?

Candy bar snowmen.

Next are these snowmen wrapped candy bars. Again, these were a little more challenging than they looked. It's not as easy as it looks to get those finger print features looking nice. There is also a more involved Santa version, which we may tackle next year.

Felt mitten clips.

Lastly, this one came from a special holiday craft edition of Living that I bought a couple of years ago, which I'm certain I will be turning to for ideas each Christmas. This year, I chose to make these mitten clips for package decorations. They have a magnetic strip on the back of the clothespin so that they can be used all year round.

Christmas 2010: History repeats itself.

Christmas 2010:  More presents from Grandma and Pappy.

When you're a kid, the present receiving doesn't just stop with Christmas morning. It's an all day marathon of ripping and tearing as various relations visit and contribute to your pile of shiny new stuff.

Christmas 2010:  Kung Zhu!

Like this Kung Zhu from Grandma and Pappy Bruno. That would be the Zhu Zhu pet number six for Lauren. There is officially a "no vacancy" sign hanging in her hamster condo.

Christmas 2010:  Mark and his chamois.

Grown-ups get stuff too. Mark was very excited about his chamois.

Christmas 2010:  Pappy checking out his slide scanner.

And Pappy got a nifty scanner to scan all those slides that he took while I was growing up.

Christmas 2010:  Grandma and Craig enjoying "the scriptings."

Which came in very handy as the evening progressed. Here is Grandma and Uncle Craig perusing Grandma's new Marilyn Monroe book.

The past always repeats itself.

Now let's take the Wayback Machine and set it 27 years ago to the year 1983 where we can pay a visit to Christmas past, where we'll see Grandma and Uncle Craig perusing Grandma's new Marilyn Monroe calendar.

That's the thing about Christmas. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That is, except for Grandma's cleavage.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010: Santa knows best.

Lauren checking out her loot.

Christmas morning didn't start until 9 a.m., which was fine by me because that provided enough time for the prior evening's sangria to wear off. Lauren was very cute this year, with just the right amount of excitement.

Christmas 2010:  "I wanted this!"

Santa Claus came through again. Lauren exclaimed more than once, "I wanted this, but I didn't even ask for it!" Yep, that Santa is an expert in his field - a true peak performer.

Christmas 2010:  "I didn't even ask for it!"

For example, Lauren was quite satisfied with her blue haired fairy doll.

Christmas 2010:  Almond the filly.

And Almond the Pony.

Christmas 2010:  Teacup Piggy

The elusive Teacup Piggy (Even though the elves did not include a teacup with the set. Lauren was a tad put out about that, but even Santa struggles to find qualified employees in his unique field of work.).

Christmas 2010:  Sofie the blue Zhu Zhu Pet.

And how about that exclusive blue Zhu Zhu Pet, Sofie, which just happens to be Lauren's favorite color and name?

Christmas 2010:  Powerpuff Girls

A five and half year old's dream - The Power Puff Girls the complete series (All 78 episodes) on DVD.

Christmas 2010:  Puzzle game!

Don't forget another "puzzle" (Legend of Zelda) game for Nintendo DS!

Christmas 2010:  Tiffany's box!

After she was finished, it was mommy and daddy's turn. Not even a severe case of bed head could stop me from getting at that Tiffany's box!

Christmas 2010:  Eiffel Tower eraser. Eiffel Tower eraser!

Christmas 2010:  Star Wars pancake molds.

And Star Wars pancake molds!

Christmas 2010:  White Strips and candy.

Mark pointing out the contradiction in his stocking stuffers: teeth whitener and candy.

Christmas 2010:  Snoopy tee.

Oh, how I love my Snoopy tee!

And that pretty much concludes Christmas morning. Next, we close out Christmas 2010 with my family!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010: A Very Inappropriate Christmas

Christmas Eve:  Grandma Pinky's new tree.

Christmas Eve. The most holy night of the year. We spent the evening at my in-laws, in what appears to be a normal suburban home, but in reality...

Christmas Eve:  Sangria effect.'s a den of iniquity.

The evening started innocently enough.

Christmas Eve:  Lauren opening presents.

Sweet children opening their presents.

Christmas Eve:  A man and his ice cream.

People eating ice cream.

Christmas Eve:  Steve eating chicken.

And fried chicken.

But what lies beneath is...

Christmas Eve:  Mike modelling his gift from Aunt Barbara.

Pure evil.

Christmas Eve:  Lauren's broken doll.

First, this innocent little girl broke her doll.

Christmas Eve:  New decoration for Grandma's tree.

Did anyone fix it for her? No! Instead, it was torn away from her so it could be turned into raunchy ornament for Grandma's tree.

Christmas Eve:  Defiling the flag.

Afterward, people started desecrating Old Glory.

Christmas Eve:  Noah hanging back.

That's right Noah - get the police on the phone. This is getting out of hand.

Christmas Eve:  Sydney Crosby dollar bill.

But wait! It only gets worse. Why, is that woman holding a counterfeit dollar bill? I wonder what she means to do with it?

Christmas Eve:  Paying Sean to do the strike dance.

Gif Created on Make A Gif

Christmas Eve:  Noah placing an important call while Mike opens his present.

Better call the police again, Noah. I don't think this residential property has been zoned for adult business use.

Christmas Eve:  Mike's new business.

After Sean's racy dance, Mike was inspired to open his own questionable establishment.

Christmas Eve:  Family portrait.

Even this nice family portrait was tainted by lechery.

Christmas Eve:  Noah's over it all.

I feel exactly the same way about that photo, Noah.

Christmas Eve:  Aunt Linda and Lauren.

Aunt Linda took Lauren aside and used Legos in order to teach her how to fight off a woman who tries to take her free sample of pepperoni bread at the grocery store.

Christmas Eve:  Grandpa and his GIANT tape measure.

Even the gifts were wrong. Who knows what mischief Grandpa is going to be up to with his GIANT tape measure.

Christmas Eve:  Grandma in her Snuggie.

This poor woman was almost suffocated by her Snuggie.

Christmas Eve:  Me and my BIG AND TALL shirt.

And someone was encouraging me to cross dress by giving me this Big and Tall shirt.

Christmas Eve:  MIke's duplicate, too small shirt.

Mike had it the worst. Not only did he receive a shirt that he already owned, but it was many sizes too small.

Christmas Eve:  Johnny's formal attire.

At least Uncle Johnny demonstrated how a proper gentleman should dress.

Christmas Eve:  Noah's best What Me Worry? look.

Don't worry, Noah. Next year, we'll have Christmas at the Playboy Mansion. It's much tamer at Hef's place.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas card outtakes.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas!

The Dark Lord commands you to have a merry Christmas.

The Dark Lord commands you to have a merry Christmas.

Darth Vader, only you could be so bold.

Darth Vader, only you could be so bold. Again.

"Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well.

Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well.

Your skills are complete. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen.

Your skills are complete. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen.

Did I mention that Mark gave me Star Wars pancake molds for Christmas?