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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fall wrap-up.

TD Garden

Here we are, a week before Christmas, and I'm still writing about fall. That's pretty much par for the course for the blog this year. Technically, the first day of winter is December 21st, so fall is still fair game as a topic.

So here are the reasons for my latest disappearance:

1.) Lauren and I have been sick for the last two months. She and I have both had terrible coughs that we just couldn't seem to kick. During this time she visited the doctor 3 times, while I went twice. During the last visit, her pediatrician finally diagnosed her with a double ear infection and prescribed another round of antibiotics. As for me, the doctor never did diagnose me with anything, but finally I was put on antibiotics as well. They do seem to have improved our condition, but she and I still cough now and then. In fact, I've suffered two painful muscle strains caused by my excessive coughing.

2.) I've been co-leading a brand new Girl Scout Troop. Now that Lauren is in kindergarten, she's old enough to to be a Daisy. It's been a lot of work and meetings to get the troop up and running, but things are really starting to come together now. I'm in charge of the cookie sale, so if you're craving some Samoas, I'm your girl! There will definitely be some Girl Scout related posts in 2011.

3.) This sentence: "Mom, are we going to spend time together?" And this sentence: "Mom, I want to do something together with you." How can I say no to *that*? And if I do, usually because I have work to do, I get this sentence at bedtime: "Mom, we didn't get to spend time together tonight." Add that to the list of things that I will say to her when she goes off to college.

4.) I've been downright, all around busy, as I'm sure this post and the posts leading up the Christmas, will surely prove.

Speaking of Christmas, since it's a whole week away, there's still lots of time for Christmasing posts, right? Since I'll be off work most of that time and just about all my holiday preparations are complete, I'll do my best to entertain this week. No promises, mind you, but I'll try to make up for the lack of posts.

Now, where did we leave off? Oh yes, Boston. I went to Boston. For business. Again. The absolute highlight of this year's trip is that I got to attend a Boston Bruins hockey game.

One of the many Italian restaurants on the North End.

The TD Garden where the Bruins play is located in Boston's North End, which is also Little Italy. It is literally one Italian restaurant and bakery after another. I honestly don't know how you choose between them, there are so many! After walking through there, I've firmly decided that heaven must smell like an Italian restaurant. It just does.

Me and Bobby Orr.

Outside the Garden is a statue of the beloved Bobby Orr. My boss commented that he looked like a vampire swooping down on me. Bobby's getting up there, but I don't think he's a member of the undead yet.

Bruins consessions.

The interior of the arena is super nice. Here's one of the concession stands in the general admission area.

More Bruins concessions.

They get more impressive as you travel up to the suites. You know that I bought one of those foam bear claws.

Inside the TD Garden.

Here's a view of the ice and the scoreboard during the pre-game presentation.


A fight started less than a minute after the puck dropped.

Yellow spandex guys.

I don't know what it is, but everywhere I go these days, there are men covered head to toe in spandex. These guys were hilarious! They sat behind the New Jersey Devils bench and kept heckling the coach.

Me enjoying the suite.

If you sit me down in a luxury suite and hand me a beer, I'll root for whoever you want me to.

We didn't get to do a whole lot of daylight sightseeing this year, but I'll share a few photos that I took around the Back Bay area.

Copley Center at the holidays.

One of the companies that we were visiting has offices located in Copley Center. Copely is basically a large, upscale mall. This is one of the entrances impressively decorated for the holidays.

The Colannade.

Across the street is this cool hotel. I just love the font used in the logo, and the blue Smart cars are just too cute.

Boston Public Library - McKim Building

Around the corner was Boston Public Library.

Personification of Science.

This statue on the exterior represents the personification of science.

Ocean of clouds.

Thus ends our trip to Boston. As we return to Pittsburgh, let's celebrate Thanksgiving.

Playing with pappy.

During past Thanksgivings, I've posted about what we are thankful for, but this year, that would come down to a singular thought: my Dad.

Playing games with Pappy.

Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Our lovely Cinderella pumpkin did double duty as our Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Thanksgiving table.

Here's a wide view of the beautiful table that Mark set.

Eating rolls, but no turkey.

It's not so bad being the only kid at the kid's table. You get all the rolls to yourself. Not bad at all.

After Thanksgiving, it was time to attend my 20th high school reunion.

Please keep in mind that all of these events are occurring at the height of my illness.

Me & Greg Circa 1990.

So here I am, on graduation day with my then boyfriend, Greg.


And here we are 20 years later the weekend after Thanksgiving. Yes, while appearances do change, I pretty much found that everyone was exactly as I remembered them.

And that sort of brings the blog up-to-date. I'll try to keep it that way!

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