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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010: Santa knows best.

Lauren checking out her loot.

Christmas morning didn't start until 9 a.m., which was fine by me because that provided enough time for the prior evening's sangria to wear off. Lauren was very cute this year, with just the right amount of excitement.

Christmas 2010:  "I wanted this!"

Santa Claus came through again. Lauren exclaimed more than once, "I wanted this, but I didn't even ask for it!" Yep, that Santa is an expert in his field - a true peak performer.

Christmas 2010:  "I didn't even ask for it!"

For example, Lauren was quite satisfied with her blue haired fairy doll.

Christmas 2010:  Almond the filly.

And Almond the Pony.

Christmas 2010:  Teacup Piggy

The elusive Teacup Piggy (Even though the elves did not include a teacup with the set. Lauren was a tad put out about that, but even Santa struggles to find qualified employees in his unique field of work.).

Christmas 2010:  Sofie the blue Zhu Zhu Pet.

And how about that exclusive blue Zhu Zhu Pet, Sofie, which just happens to be Lauren's favorite color and name?

Christmas 2010:  Powerpuff Girls

A five and half year old's dream - The Power Puff Girls the complete series (All 78 episodes) on DVD.

Christmas 2010:  Puzzle game!

Don't forget another "puzzle" (Legend of Zelda) game for Nintendo DS!

Christmas 2010:  Tiffany's box!

After she was finished, it was mommy and daddy's turn. Not even a severe case of bed head could stop me from getting at that Tiffany's box!

Christmas 2010:  Eiffel Tower eraser. Eiffel Tower eraser!

Christmas 2010:  Star Wars pancake molds.

And Star Wars pancake molds!

Christmas 2010:  White Strips and candy.

Mark pointing out the contradiction in his stocking stuffers: teeth whitener and candy.

Christmas 2010:  Snoopy tee.

Oh, how I love my Snoopy tee!

And that pretty much concludes Christmas morning. Next, we close out Christmas 2010 with my family!

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