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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deck them halls and all that stuff.

Polar bears.

I pretty much have our Christmas decorating formula down to a science (Get it? Formula? Science? Nevermind.), but I still add a little something different each year to keep things fresh.

The biggest addition this year are these wonderful polar bears. I stumbled upon these while searching on Etsy for something completely unrelated, so I wasn't really prepared to buy them. After I left the listing to go look at something else, I came back to it five minutes later and made the purchase. I just had to have them! According to the seller, they were sold by Martha Stewart's mail order catalog back in the late nineties. May they stand guard by our tree for many years to come.

Ornament filled lanterns.

The lanterns didn't get put away after Halloween / Thanksgiving. I just took the gourds out and filled them with Christmas tree balls.


I always like to add a couple of new ornaments to our tree each year. Recently, a brand new Crate & Barrel opened at our local mall. I've been coveting their ornaments for years, but never wanted to pay the shipping costs for such small items. This cute moose fits right in with our other bristle brush animals.

Sweet tweet.

I thought this chubby little bird was just adorable. And the photo doesn't do the glittery red ornament justice. They are too pretty.


And just for fun, here's an unrelated photo of Lauren enjoying her honeydew bubble drink during lunch at Lulu's Noodles a few weeks ago.


Susan said...

hi Melissa! Happy 2011 from Susan at Biscuit's Club (that old club from days of yore). Just had to check your blog - love the Christmas Eve photo story, the white tree (how many trees do you have?), the Crate & Barrel moose/reindeer (I bought it too) reminding me how quite a few years ago now (the pre-Lauren days) one of your posts sent me to a KMart for holiday decorations (and that KMart has now been gone for years). Great to see your lovely family and best wishes for 2011! I'm also going to sew more and knit more - which should not be too hard since I sew zero and knit zero - but I would love to do some, and I will make it happen. Happy New Year! Susan

Susan said...

ok, must add, I picked up that Eiffel Tower ornament from Target as well. Love to read about your flea market trips and all the "homemaking" stuff - it's fun to see and you DO a lot!