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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meet Roxy.

Bright eyed tabby cat.
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This is my parents' kitty, Roxy. I've been meaning to take photos of her since they adopted her last fall, but I only got around to bringing my camera to their house last week. She's usually a very friendly kitty, but that day she got a little camera shy and kept trying to escape from me.

Meet Roxy.

Here is she taunting me by stretching sweetly under the dark, shadowy table. Sorry kitty - my camera has superb low light capability!

Kitty climbing the wall.

I asked her to do something exciting, so she demonstrated her wall climbing skills.


She thought I'd leave her alone if she took a break to eat. Little does she know! Kitty eating = photo op.

Kitty waiting by the door.

That's right, Roxy. I don't discourage easily. Me and my camera will be back for more someday...

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