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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I wished that my prince charming would come.


Last week, Lauren had to write a report about grasshoppers. Her teacher told the class that if they would bring in the insect that they were writing about, they could get extra credit. So after she finished dinner, she went outside to find a grasshopper.

I'm supposed to kiss what?

Instead, she found this little guy sitting in our window well.

I wished that my prince charming would come.

Mark rescued him. I would have done it myself (I have no problem touching cold, warty animals), but once I got into our deep window well, I didn't think I could get back out!

 Good boy.

Lauren quickly got a box and built him a temporary hotel for his stay, complete with a luxurious, memory grass bed and an honor bar of dandelions.

Living large.

Lauren just adored him. I don't blame her. When I was her age, my dad brought home some toads for me to temporarily keep. When I was handling him, I felt like a kid again.

A new friend.

So of course she was devastated when we told her that she would have to let him go. But given the season, we would hate for a Mr. or Mrs. Toad to miss their mate!

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