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Friday, September 13, 2013

3rd grade is finally here!

Finally the first day of 3rd grade. 

The strike is over, and now we have ourselves a bonafide third grader! Since she has her hoodie zipped up, you cannot see how carefully she and I color coordinated her outfit. We went with a four color sporty ensemble, made up of heather gray, purple, aqua and lime green. You have to take my word for it, but socks match as well. Lauren seemed pretty happy when she got home, in spite of the fact that she felt some of the effects of Friday, the 13th. She was assigned bathroom monitor, and she was dropped off earlier than usual at her bus stop. You would think this was a good thing because usually she is the last kid off the bus, but you see, aside from the extra socialization time, one of the extra perks of being the last kid off the bus is you get all the candy the bus driver has left.

Hangin with Mr. Sovek.

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