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Monday, February 15, 2016

It's a's a plane, it's...

Super Kitty!

Super Kitty!

Ready for orders.

Able to leap tall chairs in a single bound, as long as there is a treat involved!

Able to leap tall chairs in a single bound!

Ready for my orders, sir!

Super Kitty looking for someone who needs saved.

There must be someone who needs saved out there somewhere...

(Kitty Coconut really is a super hero. If Lauren is laughing and screaming while she's playing with the dogs, Coco thinks she's in trouble and needs rescuing. She will come bolting out of nowhere with her claws of fury and has no problem taking on the giant Airedale that is ten times her size. We often have to intercede because once she gets started, Coco won't back down from attacking!)

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