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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meet Miss Jinx.

Meet Jinx!

It's about time that our new kitty, Miss Jinx, was formally introduced. In September, Mr. Pancakes ailment finally caught up with him, and he quietly passed away. That left a vacancy at the Ross Family Inn, and all it took was one visit to the Animal Rescue League before we were filled up again. Now now each dog has a matching cat. 

Unfortunately when we brought her home, we quickly identified that Jinx had an upper respiratory infection that's common to shelter cats. So she had to stay quarantined in our spare bedroom for two weeks. She was so sweet and mild mannered while she was sick, we weren't sure what her true personality was going to be. 

When's dinner?

Turns out that she is still sweet and mild mannered, with lots of kitten-y spunk. 


She quickly made herself right at home.

Window watching.

She loves to look out the window, and seems to be friendly with other people, unlike our introverted Kitty Coconut.

It's my turn Kitty Coconut.

Speaking of Kitty Coconut, of course were concerned about how she would receive a younger cat. But after one or two hisses, they moved on and became friends. They eat out of the same bowl, use the same litter box and they WRESTLE. Okay, maybe Coconut doesn't initiate the wrestling, but she does participate, sometimes willingly, sometimes not.

Will someone turn this thing on?

Coconut is such a good big sister, that she's even shown Jinx the joys of drinking out of the sink faucet.

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