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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Twenty years ago today

Me and Pap pap.

I lost my grandfather. 

From the moment that we met, he was my person. I spent countless hours sitting on his lap while he read Peanuts comics to me, making me laugh with his silly Snoopy voice. He was the one who miraculously found a Cabbage Patch Kid for me when they were impossible to get. He was always kind and gentle with me, and he never got angry when I would hide his pack of Winstons. (He died of lung cancer, so I had the right idea.). 

I miss his famous handkerchief trick. I miss his Alfred Hitchcock impersonations and his Bing Crosby style crooning. I miss seeing him run around the backyard with sparklers on 4th of July. I miss our Saturday night dinner dates at King's. 

So here's to you Pap Pap.

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