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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love blossoms.

Love blossoms.

We usually don't do much, if anything at all, to celebrate Valentine's Day. This year, I was inspired by my Cousin Jennifer to make some cookies. I taught Lauren how to use the cookie press. She just loves to bake cookies, just like Cousin Jenn. Hey Jenn, how did Lauren do?

Me and my valentine.

Mark and I don't exchange gifts either, (When you're married with children, there's already a ridiculous number of gift giving holidays to celebrate!) but I told him that the one thing that I did want is to have our photo taken alone together, since the last one occurred sometime in 2007.

My fam.

Of course, Lauren wanted to get into the picture as well. It's always the way.

My funny little valentine.

Speaking of Lauren, she on the other hand has been showered with Valentine's Day gifts. Here's she's modeling the super cute top that she received from Cousin Noreen. Thanks, Noreen - Lauren couldn't wait to wear it!

Additionally, today marked the day that we transitioned Lauren to honest to goodness underwear. My goal was to have her potty trained before her fourth birthday, and we made it with a little over two months to spare. Hooray!

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Jenn Papa said...

Hey she did pretty good has she ever done that before? I think those look good I would love to eat one! Congradulaions on the potty training!YAY Laren! This year we made we made sugar cookies with hearts! YUM