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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.


This week was a tough one. It's always hard to go back to work / school after the holidays, but on top of that, our area had some of the worst weather that we've seen in years. Granted, folks that live in areas that get 2 feet of snow as the norm would no doubt make fun of the paltry 8 - 10 inches that accumulated here over the week, especially given how crazy it makes people act. As soon as the forecasters start predicting an inch, it's all anyone can talk about, and then everyone floods the grocery stores to buy milk and toilet paper (It's always milk and toilet paper. Why not Kleenex and cheesy poofs? That's what I'd need.) like they're not going to have access to civilization for several weeks.

Ready to sled ride.

Nonetheless, after a hard week, we got to enjoy the snow just a little bit. Because our winters have been so mild over the past few years, poor Lauren has never really had a chance to play in the snow. In fact, I usually don't even bother to buy her boots. After all, she'd maybe get to use them once or twice before she outgrew them. Feeling guilty, we took a trip today to the nearest store (Kmart) to pick up a pair.

Lauren and Daddy on top of the hill.

Lauren was facing her first sled ride with the nonchalance of a veteran. So what happened next?

Here we go...

So then it was my turn. I'd never gone sled riding until today. That's right...never.

(By this point, Lauren had lost her nerve a bit and started to cover her eyes.)



I'm okay!

I guess I can strike that one from my bucket list. Next up - bowling!

P.S. Thought of a couple more things to look forward to:

--the annual Girl Scout cookie sale!

--Lost premiere on February 2nd!

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Noreen said...

Looks like Mark needs boots too! Melissa - that pix of you & Lauren is hysterical - I love it!!