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Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't bother me. I'm thinking.

Don't bother me. I'm thinking.

I was going to post these yesterday, but since January was such a washout, I thought I'd start February on the right foot.

I admit that the dogs get most of the attention here, so let's take some time to get to know our very little seen cat, Beavis.

Beavis the Cat.

Poor thing. Saddled with such a dumb name, only because I started calling her that one day, and it stuck. I guess it's a step up from "Kitty." We adopted Beavis from Grandma Gert all the way back in 1998. A local woman had left her with Grandma because her mother was coming to live with her. Even though we lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets, we took her in anyway. We didn't feel too guilty - the woman that lived above us had a bird and the couple below us had a dog.

Beavis was very shy at first. She spent most of her time living in our bedroom closet. I blamed this on the fact that her former owner had her declawed on all four feet. Who does that?! Her feet were also unusually small, which I speculate was due to her being declawed at a very young age. Anyway, in spite of these handicaps, Beavis proved herself to be very adept by catching two mice while we lived there.

You lookin' at me? YOU LOOKIN' AT ME?

Unfortunately for Beavis, we decided that we needed an apartment upgrade, and this time, we weren't going to be able to skirt the no pet policy. So back to Grandma Gert she went. A year and a half later, we moved to our first house and was able to reclaim her. While she lived with Grandma, she put on quite a bit of weight, so for awhile we had to refer to her as "Fat Beavis." She also had to get used to living with not one, but two dogs. Later, she'd also have to share her space with another cat. And still after that, a baby. Nonetheless, Beavis carried herself with the attitude of the one who was here first.

Queen of the jungle.

We have no idea how old Beavis is. When we took ownership of her, Grandma Gert told us that she was 8 years old, which would make her 20. I find that hard to believe, because to me, she looks the same as she did 12 years ago. And don't be fooled by her ornery appearance - that's just her normal expression. She's actually the sweetest kitty you'll ever meet. Even when she's throwing up in Mark's shoe or howling at 2 o'clock in the morning.

I took some extra photos this weekend, so I hope to update again mid-week. Not tomorrow though, because Tuesday is a big night for tv - Idol and the season premiere of Lost!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for finally giving Beavy-weavy her due! She rocks and I love to give her treats and adoration each time I visit!