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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alive and kicking.


Since a month has past now, I guess it's about time I resuscitated the blog. Hopefully my handful of loyal readers didn't fear the worst and think that I gave up blogging!

Unfortunately, all three of us have suffered varying degrees of illness over the past month. In fact, during the past week, we've all had to visit the doctor. Going into my third week of respiratory hell, I finally threw in the towel last week and sought medical assistance. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and was administered a breathing treatment in the doctor's office, followed by a cocktail of three prescription drugs that I just finished today. Lauren continues to have a cough and a runny nose that comes and goes. And now Mark has pink eye in both eyes.

Anyway, since we were sick, we weren't doing anything that was worth blogging about, and even if there was, I was too despondent to do so.

But let's recall happier times before the plague descended upon our home! Speaking of alive and kicking, at the very end of February, Grandma Gert celebrated her 91st birthday.

Smile, Grandma!

I asked Grandma to smile for this one. She replied, "There isn't anything to smile about." Isn't she an inspiration to us all?

91 years old.

Aw, that's better Grandma.

As taken by a four year old.

We had Lauren take this one for us. She is too cute when she takes photos with the "big" camera. She even used the Rule of Thirds. What a natural!

That's all for now - I need to ease back into blogging. Tomorrow, it'll be just like old times with some food photos and my thoughts on this season's American Idol!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Gert! She looks amazing for 91! Still lovin' the turqoise jewelry and the nail color- definately an inspiration to us all!

Now, get better Ross family! xo M2