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Friday, March 26, 2010

Profiles in Courage and Crafting.

Game on.

Lauren was supposed to start soccer this week, but for some reason, the township wouldn't permit the soccer club to use the fields yet (I assume they're still muddy from the snow melting.). So her first practice has been postponed until next week. She's already outfitted with a matching ball, shin guards and cleats. The coach says that at this age, they just attempt to get the kids to kick the ball around and keep them from crying too much.

The Great Mouse Killer.

Don't let this mild mannered puss face fool you because on the inside sleeps a vicious tiger. Each weekday morning, one of the first things that I do is feed Beavis, and this Monday was no different. As soon as she hears me approaching, Beavis usually comes out of her bed meowing her kitty version of "Good morning!" but lately, she has been feeling her age and doesn't come out immediately. However, Monday was just like old times and she came happily over to see me. As I walked over to get her food, I noticed something on the basement floor that I could not identify. I went to get a closer look when I realized that the strange black fuzzball was what was left of a dead mouse and instantly proceeded to get the heebee jeebees (Or "willies" if you prefer.). Of course, I left it for Mark to dispose of.

Now the bizarre part of the story is that I had last gone to the basement just the evening before to put a bottle in the recycle bin that was sitting right next the carcus, but I swear the mouse was not there at the time.

What could have happened to that mouse? Could Beavis have actually had her way with it? Even though she's declawed and the age equivalent of an 85 year old? Did it just drop dead there? Was it already dead, and she just wanted to show it to mommy? The world may never know.

The beginnings of a sampler

These are the first stitches of a daunting embroidery project that I've just embarked upon. It's going to be a sampler, that is, if I ever finish it. Expect photos sometime in May of 2012.

Anyway, after I saw the awesome cross stitch projects in Rainbow of Stitches, I wanted to try my hand at it, but I didn't have any cross stitch fabric. One quick search on Etsy and I turned up a store called Sandy's Supply Center that was selling some second hand. When the package came a couple of days later, I was confused because the seller included a note signed by "Rob." I checked the profile of the store and found this:

My name is Rob. When my 49 year-old sister Sandy died in the summer of 2007, just six weeks after diagnosis with Stage IV colon cancer, she had been planning for a craft-filled early retirement just a few years down the road. Now her advance planning and shopping savvy can be your savings opportunity.

So, so sad, but a great reminder to do the things you love today because there may not be a tomorrow. So this sampler will be dedicated to Sandy, a woman I never knew, but consider a sister in crafting.

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