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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making up is hard to do.

Face painting: It doesn't get any better than this to a five year old girl.

The weekend before last, we attended my company's annual picnic at Kennywood. I'd consider it a successful day, just from the standpoint that, unlike last year, I did not lose my camera within 5 minutes of arriving. Even so, I didn't take very many photos because the camera that I replaced it with is very particular about batteries and was threatening to crap out at any moment.

Lauren and Mel C.

Last year, Lauren was a daredevil and took on any ride she was tall enough to challenge. This year, she was a little more hesitant. She hated the Pirate ship and the Old Mill (Too dark, reminded her of the dreaded Noah's Ark, which she also hates) and had a freak out moment when we made it to the large hill on the Log Jammer. On the other hand, she absolutely loves the Jack Rabbit. Go figure.

However, the highlight of her day was getting her face painted, courtesy of funding from Aunt Mel. The kid wore it for two days straight, so Aunt Mel got her money's worth. Hopefully she didn't suffer any brain damage. I guess we'll know when she gets her SAT scores.

Mark and me.

The highlight for me: Mark actually sat next to me at Kennywood! It only took him 16 years.

Me and Mel C sweating at Kennywood.

Lastly, Mel C and I, as taken by Lauren. Can you tell that this was the end of the day?

1 comment:

m2 said...

You just had to post that last picture?
Yes, the end of an extremely hot day!!
Glad Lauren enjoyed her face painting, you forgot to mention that she choe it to match her ensemble and shoes!

Now, if Melissa and Mark would actually spend some time on rides, it woudl be a well rounded day...and the turtles, the kangaroo, Garfield and the Jack Rabbit and kiddie coaster...are NOT the only rides available for adults!