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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kindergarten here we come.

Lauren's desk.

Much of the month of August has been spent preparing for Lauren's very first first day of school. On Friday, we attended an open house at her school, where we toured her classroom and met her teacher, Mrs. Franz.


Check out the laptop to the right of the photo. There were five of them. They sure didn't have those when I went to kindergarten. However, there was a really cool table where you could string wooden beads together.

Mrs. Franz's classroom.

The classrooms all had a "Team" theme and were decorated with sports related cut outs. Didn't Mrs. Franz do a great job? You couldn't rest your eye anywhere in the classroom without learning something.

Oh so many books!

Check out all the books and supplies (There were much, much more - I couldn't fit them all in the picture!). Um, can I please go to kindergarten too?

Circle time spot.

Here's the circle time / reading corner. "Robust"? I think I learned that word in 7th grade.

Lauren's locker.

And lastly, here's Lauren proudly standing next to her very own locker.

More about Lauren's kindergarten adventure when she starts school on Monday. Next post - we wrap up summer!


Melissa said...

Thanks for the update and it looks simply wonderful! I did not get a locker until 7th grade! (I think)
We all had that coat closet thing in elementary school, which also was where we stored our lunches....imagine that!

m+m=l said...

You're absolutely right! We had the closet thing too. I didn't have a locker until six grade, and that was only because my elementary school burned down and they moved us to what was a junior high school. I couldn't believe that classroom though. Everyone wasn't kidding when they said that kindergarten ain't what it used to be. There wasn't a finger paint in sight!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a neat looking room - Lauren will have such a good time learning in this room - her teacher really has the room decorate for the children to have such a great learning environment. Good Luck Lauren - have a great first year at school - Gia Pinky and Papa Ross love you.....