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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet Harry.

Meet Harry.

(Get it? "Hairy" eyeball?)

Just in time for Halloween next month, Lauren dug out this little guy and suggested that I take a photo of him. This time around, I thought I'd try some off camera lighting to achieve the look I wanted. I started to learn off camera lighting last Spring, but since there has been plenty of natural light to go around, I haven't been practicing at all. My plan is to really learn flash during the winter months when it gets dark at like 3 p.m., and there's little hope of taking a decent photo without it.

This one actually turned out exactly how I envisioned it and is straight out of the camera with the exception of a little sharpening. It was not taken in front of a black background. I mention this because I'm super proud of myself for using my camera to kill the ambient light in the background and turn it black.

This was for the challenge "Begins with 'S'." Lots of "s" words come to mind here:  spooky, scary, silly, and of course, sighted. ;)

Coming up tomorrow - a very special anniversary post. You won't want to miss it - lol!

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