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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally first.

 First day outfit.

Usually our district starts school at the end of August, but this year the kids went back after Labor Day. So I feel like I'm late arriving to the back to school party.

New backpack.

Believe it or not, I had to convince Lauren to pick out a new backpack. While her old one was still intact, it had acquired quite a few stains last school year, but she was still insistent on using it. This frog themed backpack was a last minute Target purchase. The fact that it's printed with her two favorite colors, turquoise and pink, really helped my cause. When I look at this photo, it really bothers me that the cute stuffed froggy head is facing the wrong way. Just so you know.

The first day outfit was another challenge. She had picked out something a little too casual for the first day, so I had to send her back for a re-do. It was a classic mother and daughter moment, one that I'm certain to relive over and over again during the next 12 years.

Mocking the camera.

However, I did not have to convince her to get her haircut. Every since I had gotten them last Spring, Lauren has been obsessed with "side bangs" and had to have some of her own.
  Walking to the bus stop with Daddy.

Lauren walking Daddy to the bus stop.

 Walking to the bus stop.

Here's last year for comparison. Big difference, huh? Little did I realize how much Mark had shrunk over the past year. Lauren is practically up to his elbow now.

Away she goes.

And away she went. She is a old pro at this now. After all, she is a first grader.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, a first grader!! She looks very cute - love the tights! She realy grew alot in the last year, huh?! Hope she had a great day! Noreen