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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be still my pixelated heart.

Be still my pixelated heart.

All weekend long, Lauren and her friends have been playing with perler beads, also known as fuse beads or hama beads.

Somewhere over the pixelated rainbow.

A couple of years ago, we bought her at huge jar of them at Ikea, but since then, they've pretty much remained untouched. Until Saturday, when she took a sudden interest in them again.

Pixelated Pikachu.

Once her friends spotted them, they wanted to make some too and have been cranking out design after design. At one point, every kid in the neighborhood was on my patio engrossed in their bead creations.

Pixelated pony.

For my part, I had to keep fusing them all together with my iron. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying close attention and ended up melting the plastic peg board all over my iron, so it will be off to Target to pick up a new one. I did so many, that at this point, that the whole world is starting to look a little pixelated.

FYI, for some very cool bead design inspiration, check out Perbee.

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