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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hanging on to summer.

Giving a drink.

Trying as hard as we can to hold on, but summer is slipping away from our grasp. Girl Scouts has already called me back to active duty, the Fall season of soccer starts next week, and 1st grade room assignment arrived in the mail today. In fact, Lauren received her first phone call today from a boy(!) who wanted to know if she was in his class. I'm beside myself.

Every once in awhile, Lauren gets a whim to water the plants after we come home. Without my knowledge, she unravels the hose, turns the water on and maneuvers it throughout the yard, all by herself. I'll be inside the house making dinner, and suddenly I'll hear the outside faucet running. Then I look out the window, and they're she'll be, giving all the plant life a drink. She's very thorough.

A little sprinkle with the hose.

Grandma painted her nails pink this week. It's already starting to chip off, but it's still cute.

Scrapbooking bits.

As for me, I've been planning on making a scrapbook of Lauren's kindergarten adventures since she finished back in June. My goal was to finish it before she starts 1st grade. Of course, I just started it last week. Lucky for me, school doesn't start until September 7th. Some day the rest of me will catch up with my life.

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