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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Root, root, root for the home team. If they don't win it's the same.

Pirate Game 2011:  Jumbotron.

The wording of the title is intentional. It's an unfortunate homage to the fact that in spite of a very promising start, the Pittsburgh Pirates have returned to their losing ways that have become the norm over the last twenty seasons.

Nevertheless, last Sunday, we traveled with our friends to PNC Park to see the Pirates play. This was Lauren's second baseball game, and the first one that we've attended as a family since she was two.

Pirate Game 2011 - Let's Go Bucs

Sundays are Kid's Days, which means that Federal Street right outside the park is lined with fun activities for young fans to enjoy.

And what was the first item on the agenda?

Pirate Game 2011 - Face painting.

Face painting. Of course.

Pirate Game 2011:  Lauren X 2.

The lines for the activities get pretty long, but that didn't seem to damper the girls' enthusiasm.

As we stood in line, Mark and Scott bet that I am so short, that I could stand underneath Willie Stargell's legs.

Pirate Game 2011 - Me and Willie.

But I showed them! I am no where near that short. Look at how much I had to lean over in order to fit underneath Willie. Yep, I sure showed them...

On second thought, I think I was set up.

Pirate Game 2011 - Giant parrot.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! The Pirate Parrot ate too many Bucco Tacos and is so bloated with gas that he towers above the city!!

Pirate Game 2011:  Inside the parrot's belly.

Oh, nevermind. It was just an inflatable.

Pirate Game 2011:  Flat Bucco.

I noticed this strange fellow painted on the street. I like to call him "Flat Bucco," but Mark calls him "Pirate Roadkill."

Pirate Game 2011  - Cookie Cruiser.

Eat n Park was there too, doling out the Smiley Cookies.

Pirate Game 2011:  Custom Cookie.

The girls even got to personalize theirs.

Pirate Game 2011:  Lauren and Mini.

The new Mini Smiley Cookie was posing for photos. Scott insisted that there must be either a small child or a midget in the costume.

Pirate Game 2011:  Me and Mini.

So then I too had to pose with Mini Smiley, as a show of solidarity for the vertically challenged. I bet no one asked him to stand under Willie Stargell's legs.

Pirate Game 2011:  Doing the Babe Ruth.

Once inside the park, the girls watched batting practice.

Pirate Game 2011:  View from our seats.

Then it was time to head to our seats and watch the game.

Pirate Game 2011:  Daddy and Lauren.

As seems the case every time we have an outdoor activity planned, the weather was extremely hot. Ultimately, we left after the sixth inning, wilted from both the heat and the Pirates' 5 run deficit to the Padres. As we left, we vowed to return next year, but only if it's an evening game.

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