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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweet 16/2.

Today Lauren turns eight years old, inching ever so closely to ten. Seven didn't bother me so much, but eight? That's crazy talk.

This year, instead of having a kids party, we decided to have just our immediate family celebrate with us. I got away with this because I agreed instead to a series of sleepovers with various friends. I decided it would be wiser to spread it out rather than have 7 or 8 screaming second grade girls ransacking our home for one night.

Lauren asked for an "under the sea" party. The special guest star on the table is Julie, Lauren's goldfish.

Fishy birthday banner.

Lauren loved that she got to decorate the dining room with her various stuffed sea creatures. And trust me, she has plenty of them.


We made these cute jellyfish out of paper bowls.

Fishy snacks.

And you got to have fishy snacks!

Fishy birthday cake.

Lauren was very specific that she wanted figures on her cake. Grandma Bruno got her a cake with figures on it for her third birthday, and it must have made a big impression. I got this at our local grocery store's bakery, and I have to say that they did a fantastic job.

Looking for more in the bag.

Lauren was so happy when she opened her presents. Lots and lots of smiles to go around!

Reading a birthday card.

Open with care.

Happy birthday girl.

Sweet 2/16. 

And here she is getting ready to make her wish. I'm pretty sure that she wished for a mansion because she told us today that when she is a teenager, she and her best friend are going to live together in a mansion and that we'll need to give her a thousand dollars so they can buy one.  They don't call them wishes for nothing...

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