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Monday, July 22, 2013

I'd like to linger...

Mm, mm, I’d like to linger
Mm, mm, a little longer
Mm, mm, a little longer here with you
Mm, mm, its such a perfect night
Mm, mm, it doesn’t seem quite right
Mm, mm, that it should be my last with you
Mm, mm, and come December

Mm, mm, I will remember
Mm, mm, our campfire bright and friendships true
Mm, mm, and as the years go by
Mm, mm, I’ll think you you and sigh
Mm, mm, this is goodnight and not goodbye

I uploaded my camp photos to Flickr, and then I forgot to blog them. I am doing better this year though. Last year, we went to camp in June, but I didn't get around to blogging about it until August!  So given only two weeks have past, this is a definite improvement.

Sit a spell.

This year's camp experience was quite different than last year's. We attended camp at Camp Skymeadow, which is located in Avonmore, PA. We've been to Avonmore several times over the years to visit Mark's grandmother, but never knew that there was a Girl Scout camp nearby. Instead of only a few of us going, we got about half of our troop to attend, and since this was the first camp experience for most of the girls, we opted for a one night trip rather than two.

Now that I knew what to expect, it wasn't the same transcendental experience, but nonetheless, it was still amazing. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I am that I get to do this every year, and I will morn it when the time comes for Lauren to hang up her sash. At one point, I was actually leading the girls in song as they marched behind me to our next activity, just like Maria from The Sound of Music. Hard to imagine, I know, but for that moment, I was the quintessential Girl Scout leader.

The Milky Way

We were spared once again the platform tents and instead were assigned to one of the large lodges. This miniature version of the Milky Way (Miniature of course, in comparison to the actual Milky Way.) was on display in our lodge. I slept right underneath it, so I guess you could say that I slept under the stars. We slept on mats instead of bunks, and I have to say that I rather missed them. On the other hand, the relatively new, indoor bathroom facilities were luxurious compared to the outdoor, bug infested latrines at Camp Redwing.

Tie dye.

As we got settled in the lodge, we made our first and only craft, but it was a good one. One thing that I did miss this time around was all the crafting that we did last year, although given we were there a limited amount of time, it was understandable.

Flagpole games.

Then it was time to get our camp on. Although the names were different (Yummy, Bambi, Pinky Pie, Banana, and Grits to name a few), the counselors had the same non-stop energy and enthusiasm. They immediately engaged the entire camp in crazy songs and games around the flag pole. Then, the girls from our troop (including Lauren) got to be the honor guard for the closing day flag ceremony. I was super proud. I wish I could have taken photos, but I didn't feel it was appropriate since it's a kind of a solemn event.

Camp food.

By this point, we were starving, so thankfully, it was dinner time.

Boat house.

As for activities, we were originally supposed to go canoeing, fishing, hiking and on a hay ride. For some reason, they changed the program and instead of canoeing and fishing, we swam and did archery. This was great in one way because the girls loved swimming and archery. But the hay ride and the hike were just okay (Me and the other moms agreed that we are definitely not a hiking kind of troop). If we could have done the canoeing and fishing with the swimming and archery, it would have been perfect.

Channelling her inner Katniss.

I was so excited that girls got to do archery because I LOVE archery. Okay, I haven't shot a bow and arrow since high school, but I have very fond memories of it. At Camp Redwing, you have to be going into fourth grade to do it, so we didn't get to participate last year. However, Camp Skymeadow has counselors trained to teach younger girls. Also, ever since seeing The Hunger Games, Lauren has been hoping that Santa will leave her very own bow under the Christmas tree.

After archery, it was dusk, so we ended the night singing songs and making s'mores around the campfire. There's no better way to end a summer night.


After a restless night (With the windows closed, it was too stuffy in the lodge to sleep.), it was time to start the day again. I sneaked this photo of Lauren and her friend sharing a sweet moment together in the morning. Okay, they are actually playing an app on my iPhone. Did you really think they could make it through the weekend unplugged in this day and age?

Happy camper.

After our hay ride and hike, we ended on a high note with a trip to the camp trading post. Now there's a happy camper!


Counting the days until next year...

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