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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's just like a funeral, only fun.

Follow the leader.

Last Saturday was the International Car Show at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Once again, we met up with the Pitt Stop Mini Club. This year, the meet up site was much closer to our destination, Schenley Park. So while a parking lot in the South Side wasn't as scenic as the West End Overlook, it was certainly more convenient. Lauren was having fun with her friends at a sleepover, so she didn't attend with us this year.

Although it's pained me in the past, I've been trying to take more photos with my phone so that I can get more everyday moments. I took these using Hipsamatic (a camera app). I thought the look matched the mood of the day, and it's terribly fun and easy to use.

Waiting to motor.

There were approximately 160+ MINIs hanging out waiting to motor.


As we wandered around the parking lot, we met this 9 month Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I've wanted a Corgi for years, but somehow, we always end up with other breeds. I guess Corgis aren't down on their luck like the pups we take in.

Mama, Papa and baby.

Mama, Papa and baby mini.

Getting ready to motor.

We're finally ready to go!

Objects in the mirror.

This year, the Club arranged for a police escort. The ride was so much nicer than two years ago. We got there in about 15 minutes. No sitting in the baking sun for 1+ hour, and no fighting with ticked off non-MINI drivers. The title of this post refers to the instructions that we were given before we departed - keep your headlights and hazard lights on and run all the stop signs and red lights (just like a funeral!).

Me and mine.

This year, we took the MINI that I drive - our Clubman.


There's my name on the placard!

Under the shade tree.

 MINI meet-up.

 Blu Brit.

Some scenes from the park.


Instead a vintage MINI.


The things I make Mark do...


Around the bend.

Practicing for the races...


Then it was time to wander. Our neighbors were the VW club. Look, there's Herbie the Love Bug again!

VW party bus.

How awesome is this?

Get on the bus.

If I had one, it would be this color.

Me and the giant Turkey Hill cow.

Then we wandered a little further and found a giant cow.

Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.

And a giant hot dog.

I'm already looking forward to next year's event, when the marque of the year will be MINI!

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