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Sunday, August 24, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 34

Meet you at the bottom.

Here we are at the close of the last week before school starts. We were off the whole week so that we could spend time together, prepare for back to school, go to appointments and do some things around the house. It was a busy week to say the least. I'm starting off a little backwards as this photo was taken on Friday when we went to Kennywood. Lauren took a friend this year and was her usual daredevil self, fearlessly riding everything in sight. There were virtually no crowds, so they kept going on the same ride over and over again. They went on the Pittsburgh Plunge 5 times in a row!

Pirates vs Braves 8/18/2014

Monday night we went to PNC Park with Mark's mom and dad to see the Pirates play the Braves. Unfortunately, the Braves scored two consecutive home runs with the first two pitches, and the Pirates never recovered.

Let sleeping pigs lie.

We also visited the Westmoreland County Fair. Mark and I went to the fair twenty years ago on one of our first dates and have been going off and on through the years. We hadn't gone for awhile, but it pretty much hasn't changed.


Of course, we saw all the competing livestock on display.


This is Jasmine. She has blue eyes! I had never seen a horse with blue eyes before. She was very sweet and curious about everyone who visited her stall.


Lauren and I thought she was the horse version of Kitty Coconut because they both had similar coloring.

 Meet you at the top.

And there were rides, which Lauren insisted that we partake in.

 Learning to drive.

Here's what it will look like when Mark teaches Lauren how to drive.

 Lauren and I getting ready to YOYO.

YOLO on the YOYO.

Riding the blue chicken is the hightlight of the fair.

Last but not least, riding the blue chicken is always the highlight of the fair.

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