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Sunday, September 14, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 37

Sit a spell.

Cookie turned 2 years old this week! This changes nothing since she could be ten years old and still look and act like a puppy. In fact, the photo that I envisioned for this was the view I get multiple times a day when she's jumping on me. I was trying to get her to do it for the camera, but of course, she refused. Then she just sat down beside me, and I thought, "Even better!" So the credit goes to the dog for this one. It does show that Cookie is never far from us. Actually, being close by isn't good enough. For her to be happy, she has to be touching you. In fact, as I type this she's sitting under my chair and leaning against my foot.

Always under my feet.

Mark and I always talk about how she's not really the brightest dog around, but I think she's getting smarter in her old age. She throws her dog dish around to let us know when she's thirsty, and she understands the word "ball." She still can't catch cereal in mid air like big brother Marcus (and like Daisy before her, who was the champ at catching food). It just bounces off her little head.

Sunny spot

And life as a little dog is just as exhausting at two years old as it was when she was one.

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