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Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Bucco birthday.


Since I've become obsessed with baseball, I decided that I wanted to spend my birthday at the ball park. I even splurged and bought the best seats available - no peanut heaven for me!

Helmet nachos.

My birthday dinner - After I saw a fan on tv with them, I had to have helmet nachos. I'm slightly embarrassed by how much they cost, but hey, it was my birthday. And I will say that they give you so many chips, that you could easily split the cost with four friends and have a reasonably priced concession.

 Me @43.

Here's the view from our seats. We weren't quite as close to the action as I thought we would be, but we were right at field level.
 My glove still in use.

Our seats were in one of the sections where you're most likely to get a foul ball. So Lauren brought her glove, which is really my old glove from when I was her age (See the initials). Unfortunately, three little kids were sitting around us and scarfed up all the balls. As Charlie Brown would say, "Rats."

 Parrot frisbee.

 Little fan.

T-shirt toss.

 Our seats also afforded us lots of close-up Pirate Parrot action.


Ballgame with dad.

PNC Park on 6/9/15

In the end, we didn't get a ball and the Pirates lost to the Brewers, but it was still a great way to keep my birthday from being just another Tuesday.

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