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Sunday, June 7, 2015

She's a 10.


I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not feeling the 52 weeks project this year. Part of it is due to just being busy with other things, but it's mostly due to the fact that I've been really struggling lately to produce any photographic work. Anytime I try to pick up my camera I feel like I'm shooting the same old things, and I just don't feel motivated to put in the effort it takes to stage a photo either. So rather than fight it, I'm going back to my old way of blogging and share photos when something interesting is happening. After this post, I'll do a month-in-review for May (Because a lot good stuff happened last month!), which should catch us up just in time for my birthday.

But first, we have to go back to over a month ago when Lauren celebrated her 10th birthday. She had asked me to draw a tiger for her. :)

Opening presents.

We started the day off with presents.

Lil Bub!

Lauren follows a few of the internet celebrity kitties, but her favorite is Lil' Bub.

Not sure what to make of him.

Happy with Bub.

She's almost as good as having the real Bub.

Lauren's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which also happened to be our school district's annual picnic at Kennywood. So instead of a party, she wanted to go to the park with a couple of friends. The weather was perfect and the girls had a fantastic time. I wish I had some photos to share, but for the second time, I managed to lose a valuable piece of electronics at Kennywood. You would think I would have learned when I lost my Coolpix on the Kangaroo a few years back, but no. This time, it was my iPhone on the Thunderbolt. I realized right away that it must have fell out of my pocket, but it was no where to be found. I did my best not to let it ruin the day because it was just a phone (and an older model one at that), and once we got home, I changed all my passwords, disconnected my Apple ID from it and reported it lost to my carrier. Live and learn - me, electronic devices and amusement park rides don't mix.

 Glitter Eiffel Tower centerpiece.

On Sunday, we had a family party for Lauren. This year's theme was the Eiffel Tower, because that's the design that Lauren had picked for her cake.

 Eiffel Tower birthday mantel.

Keeping the tradition of the homemade birthday banner!

Eiffel Tower birthday decorations.

Eiffel Tower cake.

And here it is - I practically wept at the sight of it. Best. Birthday. Cake. EVER.

Sketchbook Journal 2015 - Week 

 I also carried the theme into my sketchbook journal for this week.

Opening presents with Grandma and Pappy.

Then it was time for more present opening.

 Pappy giving her the business.

Pappy was giving her the business about something. If I would have wrote this a month ago, I would have remembered what it was!

 We close with the big moment! When did this:

1st Birthday

Become this:

 10 at last.

 Here it comes!

10 wishes made.

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