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Monday, September 5, 2016

A lack of laboring on Labor Day weekend.

Gull hanging out at Beach 7 in Presque Isle State Park.

All summer, Mark and I have talked about taking a drive up to Lake Erie, and we managed to squeeze in the trip at the last minute. And when I say last minute, I don't just mean the last weekend of summer. I mean that on the spur of the moment we quickly packed for a day trip and started the two hour drive at about noon yesterday.

Lake Erie.

Since we needed to stop for lunch, we arrived at Presque Isle State Park at around 2:30. After finding Beach 6 to be too crowded for our tastes, we settled on Beach 7.

I saved a chair for you.

Beach 7 had a fair amount of sunbathers, but there was practically no one in the water.

Photo Sep 04, 3 59 55 PM

The weather was perfect - not too hot, even though there wasn't a cloud to be seen!

You're not taking my picture.

Relaxing in Lake Erie.

Lauren is a veteran lake swimmer. She now has four lakes under her belt, with two being Great Lakes.

Swim away.

She was not thrilled that I kept trying to take her picture.

Waldameer Park.

After we finished swimming, we headed over to Waldameer Park. This was our first time visiting the park together, although given how often my family went to Erie, I'm sure I must have went there when I was too young to remember. It's a such nice a little park. I hope we get a chance to visit it again when we have more time.

The Ravine Flyer II

This is the park's largest coaster, The Ravine Flyer II. Yes, there was a Ravine Flyer I, but it had a short, tragic history. Anyway, if you look closely you can see Mark enjoying his ride in the third car (fifth row), although I use the term "enjoying" loosely based upon his review. Lauren really liked it though.

Playing ring toss.

Waldameer also has an old fashioned midway with games that suck you in, even though you know you have little chance of winning.

Can you find the winner?

Although we had no luck at the ring toss, the player before us did win a prize. Can you spot the winning ring?

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