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Saturday, September 3, 2016

A pontoon afternoon.

Pontoon boats in a row.

Summer comes to an end multiple times for me. First, summer ends when kids go back to school. Then summer ends again after Labor Day weekend. That's when I retire my white pants and my white purse for another year. However, according to the calendar, summer is really officially done for on the autumnal equinox. Since everyone seems to be obsessed with pumpkin everything already, I'll go with the majority and declare that summer is coming to an end this weekend. So it's probably about time I share the last of our summer adventures, including our vacation photos.

But first I want to write about one of the fun things we discovered this summer, which was renting a pontoon boat and taking it out on Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park.

Getting ready to sail.

Lauren will be happy once she turns 13 and is no longer required to wear a life jacket.

Aye aye, captain.

Even though it's a little bit a against the rules, Mark likes to sit back and let Lauren take the wheel.

Cruising along.

Even though the weather was gorgeous, the lake was fairly deserted when these photos were taken because it was a weekday.

Hanging out on the pontoon.

Lake Arthur.

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