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Monday, April 12, 2010

1st Annual Ross Family Easter Egg Hunt.

The hunt is on!

Since she received an I Spy game in her Easter basket, Lauren has been hogging the computer a lot lately. Fortunately, she's playing in her room tonight because if I wait any longer to post these, it will be the Fourth of July!

I promise to post something more relevant later in the week, but for now, let's celebrate Easter again!

Usually, our neighborhood has an Easter egg hunt. Since by Easter week, we hadn't heard anything, we decided to throw our own. However, one of our neighbors ended up planning one at the very last minute, so lucky Lauren got to participate in two Easter egg hunts. Here are the highlights from the 1st Annual Ross Family Easter Egg Hunt!

Noah enjoying the action.

Noah wisely observed the action from his swing because before we knew it, things got intensely competitive.



Grannys on the hunt.

I made everyone participate. Even the grandmas.

Mark gives vertically challenged grandma a hand.

Mark giving my poor vertically challenged mother a hand so she could have the one and only egg that she found.

Mike finds an egg and a soccer ball.

Lucky Uncle Mike found a soccer ball and an egg.

Requisite Craig and Mel C photo.

Requisite Crazy Uncle Craig and Mel C photo.

Pappy cheats.

The point of all this was to give my party guests the opportunity to take some Easter treats of their own home. That didn't quite work out thanks to a certain Pappy finding most of the eggs and giving them all to Lauren.

Guess who found all the eggs?

Oh yeah - this is what we do when we get all the eggs, suckas!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Melissa! I lost your e-mail address. I had e-mailed you several months ago asking about photography and you recommended Scott Kelby to me. I also did not have a DSLR at the time. Well, my husband went out last weekend and got us a Sony Alpha 330. He is going on a camping trip this weekend and decided to get it for his trip. I told him he could go camping anytime! I'm super excited and can't wait to play around with my Scott Kelby books and my new camera. I also so noticed on your blog that you are a Mad Men fan too!! I just discovered the show last season and love it. I've been trying to catch up on all the previous seasons. I wonder if Betty and Dan really will get divorced and how they will develop their story line if they do. I can't get enough of the sets and costumes. Anyway, thanks for the book recommendations. Happy Blogging! -Jennifer Bethel