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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cause we need a little Easter.

Frosted Easter cookies.

I'm busy going through all the photos from our Easter celebration, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post about the preparations leading up to Easter.

Easter Feather Tree.

While I have my Christmas decorating routine, I'm still working on one for Easter. I wasn't satisfied with my Easter tree ornaments, so I decided to make my own, which were inspired by the talented Etsy seller, maryimp.

Assembling felt eggs with fabric glue.

Lauren's felt eggs.

Sometimes, I get asked how I have time to do all this stuff. The secret is that very rarely do I make things alone. I usually have a little helper who actually helps me or just does her own thing that keeps her busy while I work. Since Lauren doesn't know how to sew yet, I just gave her some fabric glue to use so that she could make her own eggs.

Easter feather tree ornaments.

Mine didn't come out nearly as good as maryimp's, but I think I'm finally satisfied with my Easter tree. Next year, I think I'll try to make penny rug to go underneath it.

Years of Playdoh training have come in handy.

I took the day off on Thursday so that Lauren and I could have some mommy & me time. I decided to use that bag of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix that I got free with a purchase of a dozen eggs.

Rolling the dough.

The cookies aren't good unless you get a little flour on your face.

Rainbow frosting.

Since this was a special occasion, I went crazy this time and made five different colors for frosting. Usually, I'm all about no frills baking, and the recipe really has to be worth the effort if I have to dirty more than one bowl.

That one is Lauren's.

Lauren pointing out her favorite cookie. It's the one we ate first.

Jello & Coolwhip treats.

On Friday, Lauren and I made these little treats from Jello and Cool Whip. This time, we had three bowls going at once: strawberry, lemon and lime. I truly don't know what's come over me. I guess I'm trying to make up for all the laziness from when we were sick during the entire month of March.

Easter Donald Duck from Hallmark.

Lastly, although he doesn't count as a homemade, I couldn't resist sharing a photo of this year's newest addition of store bought decor. Normally I'm not into either Disney or the animatronic toys that Hallmark sells each holiday, but Donald is just so cute and fun that I had to get him. If you pick him up by the ears he has a complete melt down and yells "PUT ME DOWN!" until you comply. If you press his foot, he sings and dances to "Polly Wally Doodle." Good stuff.

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Mark Ross said...

What about the part where Marcus ate your first set of Easter tree decorations?