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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From the Ross Family Archives

In February, the media announced that never before seen video showing President John F. Kennedy's arrival in Dallas the day he was assassinated had been released. We too recently found our own never before seen videos.

Newborn Lauren making questionable noises

Six month Lauren getting a kick out of Daisy.

Lauren will be turning five this weekend, so this is the first of several Laurencentric posts to come. Today, she came a long way from her baby days, as daddy took her to visit for the first time the school where she will be attending kindergarten. I wished I could have gone as well, but I needed to be at work.

Anyway, she was scheduled to receive both a health and an academic assessment, but in typical Lauren fashion, she refused to share any details with Mark as to what had occurred. On the way home, she did tell him that she met her teacher and said that her new school was nice. She also asked when she would be going there. When Mark told her not for a few months, she exclaimed, "But that's so long!"

In the evening, I bribed her with the promise of computer games if she told me what happened at school. She confirmed that the teacher showed her some shapes and asked her to point at things. I then asked her if she thought she got the questions right, and she said, "Yes. The teacher said I was smart and gave me a high five!"

Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come. We shall see!

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