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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The fairy princess at play.

The fairy princess at play.

I always tell everyone that I don't have a girlie girl. I never pushed all that princess stuff, and even if I would have, Lauren seemed to prefer the company of other kinds of toys such building blocks and stuffed animals anyway.

LIttle imp.

I wasn't a girlie girl either. No baby dolls, dresses or Barbies for me, no sir! (Okay, the Barbies did come a little later, and I have been known to wear an occasional dress, even though Mark claims that I haven't shown my legs since our first date in 1994.). So in my mind, all was right with the world.


Then, she was invited to a prince and princess birthday party last weekend. I wasn't sure if she was going to be into it or not. We didn't even have a princess dress for her to wear. $20 later, we were all set with our Silvermist costume (She's a friend of Tinkerbell. In my day, Tink only had one friend - Peter Pan. Now she has a virtual sorority to drink with..I mean play with.).

Posin' like a fairy should.

Of course, she took to the princess thing like a fish to water. Or maybe that's a naiad to water.

Rainbow Sketchers.

The shoes on the other THAT's my girl.


MIchele said...

I love Tinkerbell & her friends! Best thing everr(: She looks great!

Anonymous said...

Gia loves her princess so so pretty