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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A frightful (Okay, just mildly spooky) good time.

Hallowboo 2010: Pumpkins.

This weekend we once again ventured into the deep recesses of Westmoreland County with our friends Mr. Scott, Ms. Beth and the Other Lauren to pay a visit to Idlewild Park's annual fall celebration, Hallowboo.

Hallowboo 2010:  Boo!

During Hallowboo, the park is decorated with fanciful ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons.

Hallowboo 2010:  Spooky stream.

The streams flow with neon green slime...

Hallowboo 2010:  Spooky fountain.

And the fountains are cursed purple...

Hallowboo 2010:  Balloon Race.

Of course, there are also rides. Here it is - my favorite ride to photograph. The Balloon Race! You do know that before I took this photo I tried to move that cornstalk that was blocking the "B".

Hallowboo 2010:  Lauren and Daddy.

Poor Mark forgot that you do *not* ride The Balloon Race facing backwards. You're just asking for trouble.

Hallowboo 2010:  Into the blue.

Still looks fun though, doesn't it?

Hallowboo 2010:  Vintage pick-up truck.

For the adults, there was a parade of vintage cars.

Hallowboo 2010: Me & my love.

And an Icee for me. Every time I see an Icee offered, I have to get one. My favorite is Coca Cola, but I also thoroughly enjoy Cherry Smash, as seen here (Even if it does turn your tongue red).

Hallowboo 2010:  Face painted Laurens.

Face paint. Again. Need I say more?

Hallowboo 2010:  Jason.

Oh look. There's a mass murderer sitting on the hill cleaning his bloody knife amidst a crowd of innocent bystanders unaware of the horror that he is about to inflict. (Run, Woody, RUN!).

Hallowboo 2010:  Entrance to Storybook Forest.

But the biggest attraction at Hallowboo is trick-or treating through Storybook Forest.

Hallowboo 2010:  Skank 'stache.

The entrance to Storybook Forest features this odd mustachioed man giving the thumbs up. Mark and Mr. Scott referred to it as "The Skank 'Stache." They were both appalled when I touched it and then took a photo of it. It's what I do.

Hallowboo 2010:  Trick or treating in Storybook Forest.

As you travel through Storybook Forest, nursery rhyme characters literally come to life and give you things like pencils. Good deal!

Hallowboo 2010:  Raggedy Ann & Andy.

And there are plenty of opportunities to get into the act yourself.

Hallowboo 2010: Who's that guy?

Even the characters (literally) get into the spirit of things. I wonder who could that be?

Hallowboo 2010:  Waiting for the mouse.

In the age of computers, video games and on-demand media, the mouse who ran up the clock still plays to a riveted audience.

(Side note: This year, Lauren is dressing up as a bonafide Star Wars Jedi. Formal photos of her costume will appear later in the month as we get closer to Halloween. Trust for now that she is a Jedi, and not an Indian princess as Mother Goose incorrectly surmised.)

Hallowboo 2010:  What's in the teapot?

For me, the best part of Storybook Forest is all the whimsical architecture. I would love to be able to visit when the park is empty and just take photos to my heart's content.

Hallowboo 2010:  Seven Dwarves House.

One of my favorites: The Seven Dwarves house (Check out the monogrammed towels).

Hallowboo 2010:  Gepetto's Workshop.

And another: Geppetto's Workshop.

Hallowboo 2010:  Sweet clown.

Lastly, who says all clowns are creepy? This one is cute as a button!

More fall happenings (and hopefully a new fall themed blog banner) as the month progresses!

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