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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summer antiquing: Western Reserve Academy 2010

Western Reserve Academy 2010:  White houses lining the streets of Hudson.

On Labor Day, we attended our second antique fair at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio. Again, lots of interesting, quality (Albeit expensive) items were to be had.

Western Reserve Academy 2010: Handmade string instruments.

One vendor had a really cool display of handmade string instruments.

Western Reserve Academy 2010: Nicole Kidman?!

Right next to the instruments, hung this awesome advertisement. Is that cowgirl the spittin' image of Nicole Kidman, or what! I shoulda bought it.

Western Reserve Academy 2010:  Arrow sign.

Here's the other arrow sign that I mentioned in the Zoar post. We came across it again later in the month at the Great Geauga Antique fair and came thisclose to buying it. Maybe third time will be the charm.

Western Reserve Academy 2010:  Aisle number.

Check out this retro aisle marker! Again, love to have one, but what would we do with it? We don't have a plush animal aisle in our home. [peers into Lauren's room] On second thought, maybe we do.

Western Reserve Academy 2010:  RCA dog.

A genuine RCA dog!

Western Reserve Academy 2010: Vintage children's clothing.

One vendor had her stall set up like a child's bedroom, complete with a darling assortment of children's clothing.

Western Reserve Academy 2010: LJ and the Bear.

These shows always have something for the taxidermy fans. Nice to know that Lauren is about the size of a bear cub.

Western Reserve Academy 2010:  Brass band.

These dapper gentlemen entertained us with their mighty fine jazz tunes. Seems someone enjoys their Crown Royal.

Western Reserve Academy 2010:  Cafeteria.

Remember what it was like to eat in your high school cafeteria? To stare wistfully at the painted portraits of the great men and woman (purposefully singular) who came before you? To dine at large oak tables while chandeliers hung from above, casting a warm glow upon your lunch? No? Me neither.

Western Reserve Academy 2010:    Me and Mark, as taken by Lauren.

Two random antique browsers, as taken by Lauren.

I think that about does it for this year's antiquing. But don't be sad - it'll be summer again before we know it!

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