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Monday, March 7, 2011


Half bagel

This morning's breakfast. Trail mix variety with whipped strawberry cream cheese.

Half moon.

Half moon.

A half past Dopey.

I call this, "half past Dopey." I often ask myself why I spend so much time taking photos of stuff around the house. Sometimes I get frustrated because half the time I feel like I'm spinning my wheels or just using the same old techniques. Then there are photos like this one that remind me why it's so important for me to keep at it. Because only through practice do you grow.

My grandmother gave me this watch when I was a little girl. It still works. At one point, I was snapping away trying different angles and exposures, when I noticed that the minute hand had moved to the seven! Anyway, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a shot I liked. I tried all the usual tricks. I used window light. I got close. I got far. I had Lauren wear it for a bit while I took photos of it on her wrist. Nothing was working, and yes, I was getting real frustrated. Then, on the table I saw a patch of sunlight next to my computer mouse. I placed the watch in the middle of it and took a shot. Then I took another, underexposing in order to offset the bright sunlight on the watch face. I kept on doing this until mostly everything but the watch face was in shadow.

Again, it's not high art, but it's progress.

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