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Monday, March 7, 2011

Movin' on up.

Lauren's new room.

So besides photography, what else has been going on around here? For one, we moved Lauren into a newly remodeled bedroom. Yep, she's movin' on up. Not to the East Side, but maybe the east side of the house. Not sure which direction that room faces.

Anyway, her new space is much bigger than the old one and comes complete with a walk-in closet. She picked out the color for the walls (Behr's Pooh's Favorite Things), and while mommy thought it was a too little bright at first, it's grown on her now that we have all the furniture in place.

Owl pillows.

Other than paint, the only new investments were the bedding, the wall decals, some dresser knobs, a throw rug and two goldfish (We'll get to them). I was originally perusing Pottery Barn Kids for the bedding, but as everyone knows, you look to Pottery Barn for design inspiration then go somewhere else to purchase the same thing a lot cheaper. For example, Pottery Barn had similar cute birds in trees decals for $50, but the ones we ultimately used were purchased from Target for only $12. The bedding was also from Target. The pattern is also available as a quilt, but we went for the comforter set because it had turquoise highlights to match the walls and came with cute mushroom printed sheets! And yes, I have to admit that I was the influence behind the owl decor. However, Lauren was all for it as soon as I showed it to her. C'mon - it has hedgehogs too!

Most of the furniture was repurposed. The daybed was bought at Ikea several years ago. I fell in love with the glass ball lamp when I bought it a few years ago, but never could find a good home for it until now. The repainted nightstand came from my nursery when I was a baby.

Bradley dolls.

Also repainted was this dresser, which came from Mark's room when he was a child. The pink knobs are also from Target. As I've mentioned before, Lauren is a very lucky little girl in that she has a mommy who has amassed a large collection of dolls, toys and other interesting things throughout the years. The Bradley dolls on top of the dresser were a little stroke of genius. We uncovered them as we were cleaning out the bedroom's closet, so when I offered them up to Lauren, she eagerly claimed them for herself. I've always associated them with morning sickness because I purchased them at an antique fair on the day that it first came over me. Now they'll have a happier connotation.

The painting above the dresser was made by my late great uncle Dom. It had hung in the room previously, and Lauren insisted that it stay.

Last but not least, the fish. When we told Lauren that we were moving her into the bigger bedroom, she sweetly asked if she could have a goldfish. Since this seemed to be a simple request, we acquiesced, even though we already own 50+ fish in the pond outside. Two hours, three stores and approximately $40 later, Sofie and Julie now swim happily under the watchful gaze of the Bradley dolls.

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