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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pilgrim's progress.

 Plymouth in miniature.

 After a brief hiatus, I'm finally ready to get back to blogging. Since we left off, I've helped coordinate our Girl Scout Troop's annual Magnut sale and investiture ceremony, traveled to Boston for my annual business trip, enjoyed a visit from my cousin Noreen and her husband Nick, and of course, continued to manage life around the kitchen remodel. Even with my Thanksgiving dinner hosting responsibilities, this week is actually a slow one for me, as next week is going to pick up the pace once again. So I better get blogging and picture taking while I can!

Today, the entire first grade at Lauren's school presented a Thanksgiving program and feast. The kids told the tale of the pilgrims, sang top 40 hits like "Albuquerque Turkey" and announced what they were thankful for (Most kids were thankful for their family. However, Lauren was thankful for turkey, even though she doesn't eat it. When I asked her why, she said she was thankful for turkey as an animal, not as food. Glad we cleared that up.).

 Happy pilgrim.

 Needless to say, adorableness abounded. Can you stand that paper bonnet?

 Anxiously waiting for the Thanksgiving program to begin.

 I want to make one for myself.

Here's a clip of Lauren's big moment in the spotlight. She worked so hard to memorize her lines (Note her male co-stars are reading from the script).

Men will always try to hold you back, Lauren. Better get used to it now.

Each class specially decorated their feast table. Lauren's class made their very own Plymouth village in miniature.

Rainbow pilgrim house.

Lauren's house is the one with the rainbow roof. Somehow, I don't think that is historically correct, as the colors do not coincide with Puritan sensibilities.

My little pilgrim.

One last look at the paper bonnet, cause you know you love it. Next up - photos from our weekend adventures in the city with Nick and Noreen, including the annual visit with Santa!

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