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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hallowore out.


After two full days of Halloween activities, I'm completely exhausted.

First, I got to help out at Lauren's class party at school. I'm so glad I took the time off to do it. Opportunities to do things like that will get fewer and far between as she gets older. Plus, the kids were just too cute and pretty well behaved.

Miss Kitty, Padme and Captain America.

Here's Lauren with another one of her BFFs. And Captain America.

Captain Jack.

Apparently, Lauren sits across from Captain Jack Sparrow. Here he is going through his pirate booty.

Squishy eyeball.

Speaking of booty, all the kids got squishy eyeball in their treat bags. They were the real hit of the party. I can't tell you how many of those things I was asked to hold.

Halloween parade.

After some crafts and games, it was time for the big parade around the school. The first grade teachers all dressed like pit crew to match their "World Class Champions" and Cars theme. I also was impressed to see so many kids representing the 80's. Do you see Micheal Jackson from Thriller?


And how awesome is this Pac Man costume?

Miss Kitty in the parade.

There's Miss Kitty herself.


After the parade, the whole class posed for a photo in the hallway.


Here's Miss Kitty taking a breather between the party and trick-or-treating. What a life!

Miss Kitty and her posse.

Lastly, here's Miss Kitty and her trick-or-treating posse. As you can see, she was well protected. The Secret Service is going to dress just like that when she becomes President.

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