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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoo Boo.

Haunted Hideaway.

Yesterday, we attended Zoo Boo at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. In addition to the usual creatures on the display, the zoo invites over some creatures of the night to celebrate Halloween.

Kitty and her knights.

Her highness Miss Kitty was joined by two gallant knights. It just so happens that the son of our old friends is in Lauren's class this year, so we made plans to attend with them and their older son.


These gargoyles are mainstays at the zoo, but they really add to the mood this time of year. Inside the tent was an awesome haunted house. I wish I could've gotten photos of the inside, but it was just too dark. Suffice to say, the zoo put a lot of effort into it.

Meet the Wolfman.

 Hmm...I didn't know the zoo added a wolf display.

Hello, Wolfman.

Lauren - didn't you see the sign that says, "Don't pet the animals"?

 Sleepy bear.

The weather was quite chilly yesterday. The animals that remained in the outdoor displays spent their time napping, like this little brown bear.

Sleepy lionesses.

And these two lionesses. Sadly, their mate passed away earlier this year.

Bitty tiger peering at the ducks.

This little tiger, however, was wide awake and fascinated by the ducks.

Witch gazing at the elephant.

Even witches like elephants.

Kitty enjoying the the elephants.

Miss Kitty gets a better look with a boost from Daddy.

Scuba pumpkin carving.

In the aquarium, they were carving pumpkins under water. Most impressive - pumpkins are hard enough to carve on dry land! Check out the little scuba diver observing from outside the tank.

Modelling clown noses.

The kids trick-or-treated throughout the zoo. One of the radio stations gave away clown noses from Ringling Brothers Circus.

My little kitty cat.

But the best treat of all was when Miss Kitty agreed to pose for pic.

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