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Sunday, October 9, 2011

An epic adventure.

Homecoming 2011:  Epic Adventure

Yesterday, we participated once again in our school district's homecoming parade. This year's theme was "Epic Adventure." And it was an epic adventure alright - the unseasonably warm weather must have increased attendance by tenfold. The crowd was enormous!

Given that this was her second year at school and she seems to know all of her classmates, I thought Lauren would have been more excited to participate in the parade. However, when we arrived at the meeting area, she was just as grumpy as she was last year. That is, until her BFF arrived.

Homecoming 2011:  BFF

Then there was this.

Homecoming 2011: Holding hands.

And lots of this.

Once again, Mark gets credit for taking these marvelous photos, as I was too busy marching to play photojournalist.

Homecoming 2011:  Class of 1936.

Do the math. These alumni are approximately NINETY-THREE YEARS OLD. How awesome is that?!

Homecoming 2011:  Prior classes.

More "senior" alumni.

Homecoming 2011:  Shriners.

Apparently, the Shriners drive some really small vehicles.

Homecoming 2011:  Cowpokes.

The horses did very well this year, as we didn't have to dodge any landmines as we marched down main street.

Homecoming 2011:  Astronaut float.

A float commemorating the most epic adventure of all.

Homecoming 2011:  Here comes the band!

Here's the band looking extra spiffy. I much prefer their navy blue uniforms to the white ones that they wore last year.

Homecoming 2011:  High stepping girls.

Mark was most proud of this shot of some high steppin' girls.

Homecoming 2011:  Me at ground zero.

Lastly, here I am among the crowds. It's so great to live in a community that comes out in such large numbers to support it's schools. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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