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Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is Halloween.

Open at your own risk.

I've been taking a break from photography and blogging in order to focus on some other things. We have two home improvement projects underway and the demands of managing the life of a 6 year old continue to increase. Nonetheless, I can't let October slip by without some Halloween themed posts! Lauren picked out this caution tape to decorate her room for Halloween. Since there was a lot left over, I put some on our front door. We use the back door as the main entrance to our house and keep the front door weather sealed. It never fails that ever year, of the very few trick-or-treaters that visit us, at least one decides to come knocking on the front door. Hopefully this year, they'll take a hint.

Jack o'mantle.

Since our dining room has now become the storage area for all of our utencils, dishes, pots and pans until the kitchen is re-do is complete, I had to move my annual Halloween mantle display into the living room. Each year, the blog gets many, many hits from folks searching for fall mantle decorating ideas, so I can't let those people down!

Halloween mantle scarf.

This jack o'lantern mantle scarf came from Target. I absolutely adore it and need one for every holiday. This shot would make a great blog banner, but I guess it's a little too late for that.

Treats for the taking.

Lauren and I spent sometime yesterday making treat bags for her classroom's Halloween party. I thought the bags looked like tufts of hair sticking out of the pumpkins. Today we spent an exhausting but fun day at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium for their annual Zoo Boo. I'm in the process of editing the pics, and hope to have those up tomorrow morning. I'll be taking the day off tomorrow to help out at Lauren's class party, and then of course there will be tricks or treats tomorrow evening. Lots of Halloween fun to come!

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