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Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy lil' Coconut.


So the kitty now has a name. I guess it's about time I provide a little background on how she came to be part of the family. Over the past year, Lauren has been after us to get a cat. We've been hesitant to do so because we already have our hands full with Daisy and Marcus (Especially Marcus). Additionally, there were the logistics of where to put the cat food and litter box without the dogs taking unwanted snack breaks. Unfortunately, Beavis spent most of her time in our basement because that was the only place to keep her kitty supplies safe from the dogs. So we told Lauren that we would consider getting a cat only after Daisy went to the big pet show, when we would only have one dog to work around.

But you know how it goes. Before you know it, you're in pet stores looking at sorrowful cats in need of homes. Then you're looking at websites of local shelters to see if there's anyone that catches your eye. We knew we wanted a nice sized, adult cat who could hold her own against the dogs. We also wanted one who was affectionate, playful and had a unique look.

What does a gal have to do to get a drink around here?

And that's what we got.

Coconut was originally a stray that was adopted and then back in January was found stray again at three years old. I can't imagine why someone would let such a wonderful cat slip through their fingers. Their lost is our gain.

We're still trying to work through the logistics with the dogs. The good news is that Kitty Coconut is not terrified of the dogs, but is more cautiously curious about them. Daisy has been around cats so no worries there. However, Marcus may take some time and work. Airedales have strong chasing instincts, but even if his hunting mode doesn't kick in, he is still a big dope who doesn't know his own strength.

And yes, it's no coincidence that she is the most photogenic kitty on the planet.

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Anonymous said...

so so cute - matches your family perfectly - and what a cute name Lauren gave her - thats are girl