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Monday, February 20, 2012

Down on the farm.

Farm sink.

Mark was recently lamenting that it's been months since he renovated the kitchen, and I had yet to take any photos of the antique farm sink that he painstakingly installed himself. So I obliged today. He was disappointed that I didn't get a full length shot of the sink which included the legs and told me that a more aggressive photographer would have climbed on top of the kitchen island and stood there to get the shot. I just as soon rather get a super wide angle lens.

Hanging pots and pans.

Although Mark purchased the sink from a seller in Massachusetts, it was actually made here in Pittsburgh. So like one of those lost dog stories, it somehow made its way back home after about 80 years.

Nothing much else new to report - just sad to see a four day weekend come to a close. Our school district had an in-service day on Friday, so I took off to hang out with Lauren. Sunday morning was spent managing the cookie delivery for our troop - 127 cases worth of Thin Mints, Tag-a-longs, Samoas, etc. For reference, one can fit approximately 60 cases in a MINI Cooper Clubman. If we didn't have two other people helping with their SUVs, I think the cookie delivery guys would have kept trying to fit even more.

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