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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to paint a primrose.

The primerose and the pear.

Every year, Mark picks up a potted primrose for our kitchen windowsill. And every year I try to take a photo of it. This year was the most successful, in part thanks to Lauren's cooperation.

 Red and yellow primrose

Today was my turn to choose a topic for the daily challenge group. When I choose topics, I try to pick something general, especially if I don't have anything in mind to shoot for that day (Gives me some flexibility!). This week, I chose "Art" as the topic. I took this series inside of our kitchen sink. I'll have to try that again sometime because it works really well as a white background.

How the primrose got its color.

Never one to shy from recycling an idea, I wanted to try something similar to this, only with a paint brush. Lauren wasn't thrilled about playing artist, but she complied on the promise that shortly thereafter I would help her build a horse stall out of Legos.

Painting a primrose

Here's a close-up version. When we were finished, I said to her, "Now, was that so bad?" She then replied, "Yes! I can't be still!"

I know, Lauren. I know.

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